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Amazing story from Ella at ILC

A Pandemic Story by Ella


August 7th 2050

It’s official, we’ve gone into lockdown.

Well, we’ve been in lockdown for a week now. A couple of days ago I was complaining to my coworker Sophia about how bored I’ve been and she suggested keeping a journal, so I decided to give it a go.

I’ve worked from home before so it hasn’t been difficult to get used to. The biggest issue for me (aside from you know, the life threatening virus) is that I can’t go out to eat anymore. I’m not much of a cook, I can barely make an omelette. Usually I’d go to the pub with a friend after work, or go to a drive-thru on one of my worst days. I thought I’d be alright ordering a takeaway, but there’s only so much Thai food you can have which I learned the hard way.

The Flumenvirus is all you hear about on the news these days, as you’d expect. Sad to see how high the death rate already is… I feel awful for their families.

That’s all I can think to write down, best not bore my future self.

Shopping List:

• Milk


•Toilet paper

•Chicken thighs

•Olive oil? Vegetable oil?

•Pasta (the normal kind)


August 16th 2050

Oops, completely forgot about this. Keeping a diary might not be for me. Still I went out and bought this thing so it would be a shame to put it to waste.

Still in lockdown. Strangely enough though the infection rate doesn’t seem to be going down. You see people bragging online about how they’re not going to let the lockdown control them and next week they’re bawling about how they have the virus. I can’t say I feel sorry for them.

These video call meetings aren’t as bad as my Dad said they were back in his day. Though I do prefer working alone at home and just doing things in my own time… Might be something to think about once all this is done.

I’m starting to get a grasp on this whole cooking thing though! My culinary repertoire is no longer limited to sandwiches and strange looking omelettes, but sandwiches, pasta, chicken salad, and above average omelettes. By the time lockdown ends I might be eligible for a job as a chef! Kidding, of course.

I do hope I can see my parents in person soon. Video calls just aren’t the same, are they?

Shopping List:

• Bread

•Herbs (parsley, oregano, etc)

•Screen cleaner

•Hand sanitizer


August 27th 2050

Well this isn’t going to be a daily thing, is it? Oh well. It’s not like I’m writing for the history books so I don’t have to be consistent.

What’s new… Death rate is up. The victims are getting younger and younger now. My Dad’s coworker passed away from the virus and he’s only 23, perfectly healthy too apparently.

There seems to be no progress made on vaccines or any kind of treatment. Modern medicine does have its limits after all. The prime minister keeps embarrassing himself on TV though, I don’t know if I should be worried or entertained.

My coworkers seem to be less enthusiastic about the video meetings, I won’t pretend I’m not with them on that. It’s so easy to want to just close my laptop sometimes.

Suppose I’ll check back in here once something of note happens. Whenever that will be.

Shopping List:



•Air freshener

•Coffee (caffeinated)


September 3rd 2050

The prime minister has the virus! Shocker.

I’d be more surprised if he didn’t get it considering the amount of “business related events” he’s been attending.

My coworker Sophie also caught the virus. My cousin Oliver caught it as well. If we weren’t in “lockdown” then I think everybody on the planet would catch Flumen.

I’m starting to give up on the whole cooking thing… It was alright at first but I’m starting to get sick of the process. Cooking for 2 hours to eat for 10 minutes? I’ll keep ordering takeaway, thanks.

Shopping List:

•Meal deals

•Get well soon cards


•Hand Soap


September 10th 2050

Well, the prime minister has kicked the bucket.

Funeral updates and information about who will take over are on the news more often than any updates about the virus itself. Not even a credible rumour of a vaccine…

In better news though, Sophie says she’s starting to feel better. I was a bit surprised since people rarely do get better after the virus, but I suppose she just wants to get back to work as soon as possible. Just hope she’s not overworking herself.

Shopping List:

•New jacket



•Spaghetti noodles


September 14th 2050

I’m in shock. I feel sick…

I was in a video call meeting earlier, Sophie was in it too. She looked so pale but the skin around her eyes were all dark and bruised… And she seemed so out of it as well… I would ask her questions but she would just stare at the screen like a zombie.

And then she just… passed out. And the video call cut off. I’m guessing she accidentally turned it off when her head fell on her keyboard.

But God, it was the most bone-chilling thing I had ever seen. No horror movie or ghost story could compare to what I saw.

I know it doesn’t exactly fit with the current lockdown guidelines but I plan on going to her apartment to check in on her tomorrow. I really hope that this isn’t what I think it is.

Shopping List:

•First Aid kit



September 15th 2050

I’m shaking… I don’t know what just happened.

I went to see Sophie today but she wouldn’t answer the door. I had to try and break the door down with the help of some of her neighbours, knowing it was necessary to check that she was alright.

When we finally got the door open, I rushed to her office to see if she was okay, but… She was just laying there.

No pulse, nothing… She wasn’t alive anymore.

One of her neighbours called an ambulance to come and take her. I was worried we’d get fined for breaking lockdown restrictions as well as breaking and entering but they understood it was necessary. It hurts to think she would have just stayed there for days, rotting away…

Shopping List:



September 20th 2050

No news of a vaccine.

Everyday the news announces another celebrity has died from the virus. The victims are getting younger and younger too… The family of a 10 year old girl were on TV talking about their daughter who fell victim to the virus and passed away.

Sophie’s family said they’re holding off when it comes to Sophie’s funeral. They want to invite a lot of people which wouldn’t be possible given the circumstances.

It’s not getting any easier… That’s for sure.

Shopping List:







October 1st 2050

A new month, no new news. No good news at least.

I’m not much of an extrovert so I didn’t expect to get to this stage but I’ve been feeling lonelier than ever. My life has become a cycle of watching the news, opening my laptop, and just doing my best to keep myself alive.

I have so much free time that I don’t know what to do. My apartment is spotless because all I could do is just clean and clean and clean some more.

Life is just so… Empty? I don’t know how to describe it. Everyday I wake up wondering what bad thing has happened now.

I just feel so unhappy.

Shopping List:


•Box of chocolates

•Anything else


October 30th 2050

Everything is going wrong.

All the people who died from the virus are supposedly waking up?

I thought it was a joke at first but the streets…. There’s just a herd of tired eyed people wandering around aimlessly.

I feel like I’m living in a movie… But this movie I can’t turn off when it gets too creepy.

I’m looking out the windows right now and I’m scared. I’m terrified.