Blog – White Ribbon Day – An IC Learners View

Blog – White Ribbon Day – An IC Learners View

25/11/2021 //

Read all about of our wonderful Inclusion College Learners view on White Ribbon Day

Today we talked about White Ribbon Day and discussed the Youth Advocate Programme.
We have learnt about White Ribbon Day, which is an awareness about Domestic Abuse against Women. We have been thinking about how men and boys are affected in their everyday challenges.

Some people think men should be dominant, the Alpha male, strong. Men should be tough and not really show their emotions. This is a stereotype of what the average male is. This could not be further from the truth, men and
boys are individuals.

I think your family and the way you are raised, has a massive influence on the way you think. This is the same for all different genders. For example, if boys are raised in a family where they are expected to play with guns, and not to
cry, this creates an expectation in the family to behave a certain way.  A good example would be a kid is born in a family where his siblings do much better than him, and he feels left out and he feels pressured to do better not
matter what , to not let his parents down. As a result, he cheats. The lesson is to try and learn not to feel pressured or influenced by the expectations of your parents or others.

I plan to be an advocate and talk to my friends about how behaviour can affect other people. I will try to be open and talk to others and ask for help if I need to.

As someone once said to me, ‘It is easy to say no, and harder to say yes’. I think this definitely applies to someone when asking for help.

A Learner from Inclusion College


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