Careers and Apprenticeships – raising aspirations

Careers and Apprenticeships – raising aspirations

4/10/2021 //

Last week (Wednesday 29 September) we were delighted to welcome Holly from Amazing Apprenticeships to visit us at Inclusion Learning Centre (ILC). 

This visit was part of our continued commitment to providing a bespoke career’s programme for our learners – centering their mental health and SEN needs.  

Holly was on hand to deliver two personalised and bespoke Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK) workshops to our learners.  These sessions focussed primarily on introducing traineeships and apprenticeships and supporting learners to identify strengths for a winning CV and application. 

The workshops proved to be a real success. Our learners were very engaged for the full 90 minute session and the feedback we’ve received from them in the following days has been incredible! They’ve all commented on how much they learned about traineeships/apprenticeships and how important it is to get the best grades possible for English and Maths. 

In short, these brief sessions have helped raise the aspirations of our learners and reassured them that college isn’t the only option out there.

As the response from our learners was so positive, I interviewed a couple to ask them a few questions. 


The following is a selection of highlights from the interviews conducted:


Q: What did you learn in the workshop? What did you talk about?


A1: We spoke about apprenticeships and traineeships and what these are. A traineeship is shorter and an apprenticeship is longer but you get paid for this. I think she said that apprenticeships used to be six years but now they’re two.


A2: Apprenticeships. The lady explained that apprenticeships were another option to going to college. I know that there is one day of college for apprenticeships for some courses too.


Q: Has the workshop given you more confidence and understanding of apprenticeships?


A: I already understood what these were but she confirmed what I thought. Now I know how to apply for one and how to look and email/text for a role.


Q. What are going to be your next steps?


A1: I’m going to focus on school because it’s made me realise that the better I do at school the more options it gives me for the rest of my life.


A2: My next steps are to find work experience in childcare as this will help me to get an apprenticeship when I leave school.

A huge thank you to Holly and the Amazing Apprenticeships team for the visit. We’re looking forward to welcoming them back in November.


If you are an employer or organisation who wants to offer our learners careers opportunities or information to help Inclusion Learning Centre meet its commitment to the Gatsby Benchmarks please contact and visit our Provider Access Policy in our policies section of this website. 

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