GRT History Month

June 2021

June is Gypsy, Roma, Traveller (GRT) History Month

June is Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month and here at Inclusion our learners are going to be exploring more about the GRT community, culture and history.

We are delighted to have our very own GRT Ambassador who will be guiding all the work we do on this and helping us all to understand more about GRT life.

This is such an important community to learn about, especially as it is often one that can be portrayed very negatively by the press and by some people.  Members of the GRT community can face prejudice and discrimination for who they are and their way of life.



At Inclusion we work very hard to make sure that everyone has the right to feel validated and treated with respect – by learning more about different communities and cultures, we hope that we can help everyone to understand more and dispel any negative stereotypes.

We’ve got some links, information, videos and resources on our webpage about different aspects of GRT life and we will be adding more from our learners throughout the month.

If you’d like to add anything to the page then please just let your tutor know.

Learn more about GRT History from this fab animation from Traveller Times


Racism against us Travellers and Gypsies

Racism against us travellers and gypsies

Written by our Inclusion GRT Ambassador

The racism against gypsies and travellers has got worse, and sometimes, you can’t go anywhere without the gorjie people, (non travellers), giving you a dirty look or judging you or saying, “ look there is a gypsy there.”

 When you go to the shops, the security follows you everywhere, seeing if you take anything. When you go to the holiday place, they won’t let you on, because of where you live, and also food places won’t and also pubs. 

 I think that teachers should teach students about travellers and gypsies in history, because a lot of people think we aren’t a race and therefore, you can’t be racist against them. Once, when I was in an RS class, the teacher said to me that travellers aren’t a race and you can’t be racist to one. I think this is being racist and I shouldn’t get taken out of the class, for standing up for my Rights.

 Everyone should be educated about us because racism needs to stop. You can be bullied for being one. It is wrong to do such a thing .

Blog from Emaleigh about her experience at Uni as member of GRT community

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Traveller History

History – by our Inclusion GRT Ambassador 

Gypsies used to live in wagons years ago. There aren’t many proper old wagons anymore.

Gypsies had to dance and try to get jobs buying and selling things, because it was very hard for them to make money.

Back then, they were very poor and they did not have that much money, and sometimes had to go without food. Back in those days it was very bad for them. Nowadays, you have famous travellers, and multi-millionaires.

 We still have very old fashioned ways that have been like that for many years. Women have to stay at home to look after the children and the home and keep it nice and fresh. The men have to go to work and get the money to provide for the family. The girls aren’t allowed to go anywhere, and they aren’t allowed boyfriends until they are 16 or17. The boys can go wherever they want and do what they want. They can have a lot of girlfriends and they can drink.

Conversations with Romany Women

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