White Ribbon Day 2021


25th November is White Ribbon Day – a campaign to stop violence against woman and girls with a particular focus on the role men and boys can play in ending this.  We support the White Ribbon campaign at Inclusion – with a number of staff being Ambassadors and Champions of the White Ribbon cause.

This year the focus is #AllMenCan. This was developed in March when the murder of Sarah Everard brought women’s experience of men’s violence to the forefront of everyone’s minds. It also opened up so many conversations about men taking action and making a stand. The campaign is looking for as many men as possible to think carefully about what they can do and make the White Ribbon Promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.

White Ribbon Day also marks the start of 16 days of campaigning to raise awareness of and prevent violence against women and girls.

With the current count suggesting 163 women in the UK have been killed by men (or suspected to have been killed by men) in 2021 alone so far.



At Inclusion, we’ll be working with our learners around this topic, exploring their views and understanding as well as thinking more widely about what we can do to change this destructive pattern.

Not only will we be looking at violence against women and girls and how we can change these attitudes but also concepts around masculinity itself and how behaviours and assumptions could be challenged to reflect a more inclusive and supportive view.

We’ve put together further information, videos and articles throughout this webpage and will be sharing learner work around this topic.

If any of the information or videos shared on this page have made you feel worried, upset or you’d like to talk further about these issues then please do talk to a member of staff or trusted, safe adult.

Blog from IC learner on White Ribbon Day

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Campaign from Women's Aid #AllMen

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What can you do?

At Inclusion we have our own male role models who are working towards greater equality between men and women.

We asked Matt, Richard, Adam, James, Michael, Alex and volunteers Frank and Alan what they felt as men they could do to  support equality, behave as role models and change the cycle of male violence against women and girls.

The following is how we as a group of men try to live up to our commitment to improve the relationships we have with the women in our lives and for the women we will never meet:


•  Listen. It’s not our place as men to provide solutions. It’s our responsibility to listen to and empower women to enable us to make the necessary changes together. 

•  Educate ourselves. It’s not women’s responsibility to tell us about the issues they face. Go online to read/watch about women who have shared their experiences of sexism, sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

Share. We speak to our male friends, colleagues and family members and are allies of women and girls in and out of the workplace. We are always teaching our male learners about equality, modern masculinity and consent but also each other and our friends.

Challenge. We do not accept sexism and we challenge this wherever we see or hear it especially if there are no women around. 

• We Embody/role model a concept of modern masculinity: equality, inclusivity, empathy, respect, responsibility, compassion, and positive mental health and wellbeing.


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Watch video from Michael Sheen exploring men’s role in ending violence against women and girls.

International Men's Day

This month also saw International Men’s Day (on 19th).  This is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the positive impact men have on the world, their families and community.

The day is a chance to highlight positive male role models and raise awareness of men’s health and well-being.

The theme this year was ‘better relations between men and women’ so to celebrate this we are highlighting some of the amazing men working to improve equality, ending violence against women and girls, redefining our negative, toxic aspects of masculinity and working towards a fairer, more diverse world.

We’ve focussed mainly on celebrities or people in the public eye, but please do let us know if you have anyone you’d like to add to the list and celebrate the positive male role models out there.


ONS Blog on latest stats on VAWG

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