10 Year Anniversary

From September 2022 we will be marking the 10th anniversary of Inclusion Hampshire as an organisation.  

This is an amazing achievement and a real testament to the team to highlight how we have grown and progressed throughout this time. 

Legacy – sharing our knoweldge

Throughout the year we shall be marking and celebrating our ten years through various events and activities.

Our 10 years worth of experience supporting young people with mental health and additional learning needs has given us real insight and knowledge in these areas and wed love to be able to share this further. 

We’ve designed a series of Top Ten Tip cards – offering ideas and support on a range of different topics we think would be helpful to both learners and parents and carers. 

We’ll be gifting these sets to our Inclusion pupils and families, but we’ve also shared some of them on our website so please do take a look. 

If you’d like to receive a set for your school or college then please do let us know via the contact form. 

Fundraising – growing our support

The 10th anniversary gives us an ideal way to celebrate the work we do at Inclusion and we want to raise £10,000 this year.

We’d love to get everyone involved in some ten themed fundraising events for us to help us reach our goal. 

All the money raised will go towards continuing to develop and grow our services and activities we are able to offer our young people. 

If you’d like to get involved and hold your own event them please do take a look at our fundraising pack full of ideas and tips for holding your own 10 themed event. 

Send us a message via our contact us form to let us know and we can promote your activity on our website and via social media. 

Some of our amazing (and brave!) team will also be taking part in a charity Wing Walk. 

Please do help sponsor them here. 

Top Ten Tips

Future – Getting learners involved

The most important aspect of Inclusion is our learners and students.

We want them to benefit from our ten year celebrations and really get involved and engaged with this.

Our staff are designing a number of programmes and activities to get learners involved and we’ll continue to update and share their learnings throughout the year.