Pre 16

The Pre 16 Alternative Education Programme is designed for young people aged 13-16 who, for whatever reason, struggle with mainstream school.  Our objective is to help learners achieve their potential by working with them in a non-school like environment and giving them the individual academic and emotional support they may need.

We can offer various groups sizes, session lengths and overall hours to suit individual learners and their needs.

Inclusion Hampshire’s Model of Practice

Inclusion Hampshire uses a unique tracking and feedback system which enables schools and agencies to monitor progress securely.  We involve parents and carers in every step and ensure all of our learners are listened to throughout their journey with us.

We focus on providing individual academic and holistic emotional support to learners.  This equips them with the skills, self-belief and motivation required to make positive changes and achieve qualifications.  Learners may then be able to return to mainstream  school or continue with us to prepare for college or other Post 16 pathways.

Our learners study a variety of OCR accredited subjects.

Marie Greenhalgh

Marie Greenhalgh

Provision Manager, lead for SEN & Learner Welfare

Matt Atkinson

Matt Atkinson

Provision Manger, lead for Curriculum

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