Black History Month

Black History Month

1/10/2020 // Admin

October is Black History Month and here at Inclusion we are exploring different topics throughout the month to celebrate this.

This is an important month to share with learners and we will be covering topics throughout the curriculum highlighting aspects of black history, culture and people.  However, for us at Inclusion this is not just an isolated event, rather it is a way to reflect and explore a core element of the Inclusion ethos – that of equality and fairness for all.

As an organisation with shared values, the team feel this is very important to highlight to our learners and the wider Inclusion family.

As a team we can work together to educate each other to better educate and support our learners to challenge their thinking and behaviour, as well as questioning our own assumptions and bias.

Earlier in the year, we felt it was incredibly important to support our leaners understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement as a way of highlighting the continued inequality and divisions within our society. As we explained to learners

 ‘A black man called George Floyd was murdered by a white policeman. It is only one example of police brutality towards black and other People of Colour (POC). There are many others: Breonna Taylor. Tamir Rice. Eric Garner. Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Ahmaud Arbery. Too many more.

Police brutality is only one part of wider racism that is built into our society. This is called systemic racism. It means all the things that make up society – police, schools, courts – are racist towards black and other ethnic groups. This needs to change.

Inclusion Hampshire wants to be part of the movement that creates equality in society for everyone. We hope you do too.’

Inclusion Hampshire as an organisation – and all of its staff – is anti-racist. This means that if we witness racism we will call it out to stop it. It also means that all of us need to reflect on our own biases and prejudices, call them out and better educate ourselves. We can do this together.’

It may seem an easy statement to make, but here at Inclusion Hampshire will be making changes to reflect our commitment and support to equality for all. For example, in the work we teach:

As you may have previously seen, Google Classroom promoted the Black Lives Matter movement, and explored the use of language and race throughout our English work.

We will also look at and promote a curriculum that includes more black voices, trans voices, gay voices, female voices and others.

October is also Gypsy, Roma and Traveller month and we will be exploring this in English and within other aspects of the curriculum.  (keep a look out for some of the activities and work we’ll be doing)

We love the diversity of everyone’s individuality and identity and we will forever support its expression.

This is a commitment we are very proud of as an organisation and continue to work hard to reflect this and ensure a truly inclusive and supportive environment for all our learners and staff.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues further, think of ways we could do better or would like to contribute to support this understanding and learning process then please do contact the team at

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