Response Covid-19 - Spring Term 2022

Spring Term - January 2022

We are delighted to be welcoming back learners to us at Inclusion Learning Centre and Inclusion College from Tuesday 4th January and would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year.  We are really looking forward to seeing everyone and to another successful year.

In response to the rise in Covid cases we are updating our safety measures.  The below information has already been emailed to parents/carers from both Inclusion Learning Centre and Inclusion College. We will continue to update this webpage should any circumstances change.

Inclusion Learning Centre

As we have previously outlined, we will continue to do twice-weekly testing on site for our learners throughout the Spring Term.
This will start on Tuesday 4 January 2022. Our second testing date will be Thursday 6 January.
From the following week we will return to our normal testing pattern of Mondays and Thursdays.
We are encouraging all those who usually test at home to test on site in the first week of term as this is what has been advised by the government for all schools.
For those of our learners who do not wish to test on site (in the first week, or onwards) but who are home testing can I please ask that these results be shared with my colleague Emma Barnard (
The first two weeks of testing are particularly important as they will immediately follow the festive period and enable us to identify cases early and ensure we can remain open for the duration of the Spring Term. Even if your child does not normally test please encourage them to do so in this first week. Ideally on site but secondarily by home testing and reporting the results to us.
All visitors on site will also be asked to test.
Masks/face coverings
Due to the increased number of confirmed cases, and to ensure the safety of our learners and members of staff, we will be re-introducing the wearing of masks or face coverings to complement testing.
I know there will be some who are exempt from wearing masks but we will be encouraging everyone to wear masks for the 2 hours they are on site. Please can I ask for your support to help us achieve this.
This is not mandatory but through our collective actions I hope we can continue to keep each other safe, as we have done over the past 2 years.
If your child is unwell in any way please can I ask that you err on the side of caution and contact us to discuss this. Given how broad the symptoms of Covid currently are, and how similar those of Omicron are to a common cold, it is best to proceed carefully.
Therefore, if your child has any symptoms of illness a PCR test should be booked as soon as possible.
The LFD home testing kits are designed to help identify those with Covid but do not have symptoms (asymptomatic). You can use the LFD tests to test if your symptomatic child has Covid but if a negative result is reported you should still book a PCR test to confirm this and not send your child to Inclusion.
I know that we are all feeling Covid weary but it continues to be essential that we do all we can to look after each other and our community. All of you have been fantastic throughout the past two years in supporting us to do this and I ask again for your continued support and cooperation for 2022. Thank you.
If you have any questions or concerns about the start of term please don’t hesitate to contact Matt Atkinson, Head of Inclusion Learning Centre –

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Reminder on the testing process

In line with government guidance we shall be testing on site at Inclusion.   This will help us to identify those who are Covid-positive but do not present with symptoms.

Testing is not for those who present with Covid-19 symptoms or any illness. If your child presents with any symptoms please keep them at home, book a test and self-isolate until you receive the result.

We are strongly encouraging all learners to be tested on site. They will need to do this themselves but staff can support them to do this safely.

Guidance on how the test will be performed and some photos of our testing areas as well as our team in PPE will can be found above on this page.


Previous Covid-19 Policy and Safety measures

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