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On Thursday 8th October Inclusion Hampshire will be donning something yellow and taking part in #HelloYellow in support of Young Minds, a mental health charity supporting young people.

We’ve got lots of fun things planned to engage our learners (not just the wearing of terribly unflattering bright clothes) including the be kind challenge,  Yellow (socially distanced) photo booth, making bunting, stickers and yellow cakes and treats.

As fun (and in some cases down right embarrassing) as these activities may be, they are all part of the campaign to promote awareness and knowledge of mental health and well-being as part of World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

As a service that specialise in supporting mental health and wellbeing, many of our Inclusion learners are already all too aware of the issues and complexities of mental health,  experiencing issues including anxiety, bereavement, depression, self-harm, trauma and gender or sexuality. 

Prior to the Covid outbreak and subsequent lockdown, figures from The Children’s Society suggested that 1 in 10 schoolchildren have a diagnosable mental health condition with 75% of all mental health problems being established by the time someone is 18.  

Recent research shows that this growing epidemic impacting the lives of so many of our young people has only gotten worse.

Despite the upward curve of young people experiencing mental health difficulties, it still remains an underfunded area with limited services and long-wait times coupled with the persistant stigma still attached to mental health, making treatment and support sometimes difficult to access.

At  Inclusion our approach has always been to accommodate the holistic needs of our learners.  We focus on providing individual, emotional and academic support to young people, equipping them with the skills, self-belief and motivation for them to make positive changes.

Every young person has the right to feel validated, listened to and heard. We aim to support them in building confidence, self-worth and resilience.

These are indeed unprecedented times, with a wide ranging impact on us all, but we must ensure that our young people remain a priority with services and support made readily available to address mental health and wellbeing.

By taking part in #HelloYellow we are raising awareness of mental health, working with our learners to explore ways to support our own wellbeing and fighting the stigma attached to these areas.

Organisations such as Young Minds are working hard to provide free, easily accessible resources and support as well as campaigning for the future provision of mental health services for children and young people.

So join us in taking part in #HelloYellow, tackling stigma, raising awareness and supporting mental health.

Visit Young Minds for more info


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