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The Learning Environment

Inclusion offers an alternative education that’s quite different from what you may be used to at school and college. 

We asked our learners what the most useful things we could tell you would be when joining us, and here is some of the things they thought you would want to know!

We don’t wear a uniform 

You don’t need to bring anything with you – we will provide everything you need

Drinks and snacks are available in the kitchen and our tutors and staff will always help you to make anything. 

By the way, the most popular items are noodles, toast and milkshakes – our tutors become experts at making these just the way you like them!

Your Own Timetable

You will agree your own schedule, and come in for two-hour sessions.  These could be from 10 -12, 12-2 or 2 -4 – you decide – and we will create a bespoke timetable for the sessions and days you will attend throughout the week.

Watch the Video Tours

To get a better idea of what to expect when you first arrive, take a video tour of both Inclusion Learning and Inclusion College.

Priceless Feedback

We always love to hear from our learners about their experiences; it helps us get better.  So we will encourage you to let us know if you think we need to add anything else. 

National Storytelling Week

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Our video tour of Inclusion Learning Centre

Join Matt, Head of Inclusion Learning Centre on a tour of the building and get an idea of what to expect when you start with us.

LGBTQI+ Mental Health Booklet

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Watch our tour of Inclusion College

Join Marie, Head of Inclusion College on a tour of the centre.

Meet the Inclusion Team

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Email us in confidence, complete your details & the appropriate inclusion Team member will get back to you.