A Little Help Fund

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.”

Magic Johnson 


This week sees the launch of Inclusion Hampshire’s ‘ A Little Help Fund’, a donation scheme to raise money to provide extra support for vulnerable young people accessing their service. 

The campaign seeks to raise funds to provide a little help for learners,who may have financial difficulty accessing the tools to reach their full potential.  This can range from the bare essentials from toiletries or a warm winter coat to travel to the learning centre or college in, to costs such as bus fares to access work experience, suitable work clothes and skills and development to move on and develop their learning. 

The charity, which provides education and support for young people experiencing social, emotional and mental health difficulties, is asking for local organisations, companies and the public to donate to the fund and support these young people in their community. 

Inclusion Chief Executive Cheryl Edwards said ‘This remains a difficult and uncertain time for us with the ever present impact of Covid-19, with many of our business and services at risk.  

Throughout this all however, the most vulnerable in our society have been most hard hit, with young people and children facing ever increasing poverty and deprivation. 

The latest research suggests that in the UK 4.2 million young people – or 30 percent – are living in poverty.  As we saw recently with the lack of government support for free-school meals over the holiday period, many of our local children are struggling even to get enough food during this time. This difficult reality means that many of our young people are struggling to access the most basic necessities, which can have a huge impact on their learning and achievements.’ 

As a local specialist education provider, many of Inclusion Hampshire’s learners have lived experience of mental health conditions, and face huge challenges, overcoming major barriers just to access education. 

Ms Edwards continued, ‘ We have always taken a holistic approach to our learners’ education, and we know that there can be a number of contributing factors to the progress our learners are able to make. 

By creating ‘A Little Help Fund’ we are hoping to go further than this and offer additional support to make our learners’ own personal goals that much more achievable.  For some this could mean basic help in warm clothing and equipment, to others this could be enhancing their work experience, skills and well being.  We want to ensure all of our learners have the best possible access to opportunities and the development to succeed, regardless of their financial circumstances. By supporting our young people now, we are putting them on the best possible pathway for a successful future.’

The Little Help Fund received an amazing start with a generous donation of £850 made by The Life Church in Hook.  Pastor Ben Martin was delighted to support this local cause.  ‘ We chose Inclusion Hampshire as one of our local charities and are so pleased to be able to support this campaign which is making such a difference to the young people in our community’. 

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