Inclusion College Launch!

Official Launch Event for Inclusion College


Inclusion College welcomed visitors at its official launch day on Friday 9th July.

The event saw guests from the Local Council, schools, colleges, businesses and charities visit the new look site and learn more about the work we do.

We welcomed guests including Cllr Simon Ambler,  Chairman of the Council (Hart DIstrict Council), Cllr Adrian Collett and Cllr Stephen Parker ( pictured with Inclusion CEO Cheryl Edwards and Head of Inclusion College Marie Greenhalgh below) as well as many other honoured guests and friends.

Whilst the number of visitors was closely controlled due to covid precautions, we were absolutely delighted to see so many people on the day and share the new facilities and space the college has to offer as well as showcasing learner work and projects.

As well as members of the Inclusion team, a number of learners were also on hand to show visitors around and explain more about the work they do at Inclusion.

Head of Inclusion College, Marie Greenhalgh enjoyed the day. ‘ It was such a wonderful opportunity for us to highlight our way of working and the vision and ethos of Inclusion.  The expansion of the college has been a real labour of love, with all the team working hard to ensure the new look site has all we need for our learners to grow and develop. The launch day was a real celebration of all that we have achieved and I am so pleased we were able to share it with so many of our supporters and people from the community.  I was especially proud of our learners who volunteered to help us on the day – these kinds of activities with lots of new people are really out of many of their comfort zones so it’s a real testament to them and the support they wanted to give their college by sharing their work and experiences.  They were all amazing and I really couldn’t be prouder.’

As well as a tour of the site and refreshments, guests were all given a goody bag with useful items such as academic calendar, magnets, pens, coasters and postcards – all sponsored by local businesses.

Marie continued ‘ We are so grateful for the ongoing help from the community and local organisations and businesses, we would like to thank everyone for coming, it really is so encouraging to know we have support for the work we are doing with young people in the local area and it was wonderful to be able to share our work at the college with a wider audience.’

Have a look at some of the pictures below.  Thanks to our wonderful volunteer Alison for taking such great photos.