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Reporting Absence

We have created the parent Zone with lots of useful information, updates and resources for our parents to help you support your child during their time with us here at Inclusion Hampshire. 

This section includes details on reporting absence, transport and communication.  For full details of all our policies and procedures, please look in the policies section of the website.

We are always happy to discuss these with you, so please do get in touch if you have any questions or queries. 

During this difficult time of transition following lockdown, we are working hard to make Inclusion is as safe as possible for all our learners and staff. To support this, we would ask that no one attends Inclusion if showing any signs of illness – Covid-19 can manifest in a number of varied symptoms, particularly in younger people, so if your child is unwell, please don’t send them in.

If your household is self-isolating due to suspected Covid-19 please inform us if they are returning earlier than the required 14 day isolation period (eg if a negative test has been confirmed for that householder) then please inform us prior to the learners return.

As with any absence, please do let us know in the office on 01256 760 800 

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