Policies in Response to Covid-19

Autumn Term 2021 -updated 

Apply to both ILC and IC

Appendix 1 – System of Controls

Appendix 2 – Becoming unwell at Inclusion Hampshire

Appendix 3 – Tracing close contacts and isolation

Appendix 4 – Asymptomatic Testing

Appendix 5 – Personal Protective Equipment

Summer Term 2021 – updated


April 2021 – Risk Assessment Inclusion Learning Centre 

Appendix 1 – System of Controls 

Appendix 2 – Self Isolation and Shielding 

Appendix 3 – Face Coverings and PPE 

Appendix 4 – Transport 

Appendix 5 – Disposing of Face Coverings and PPE 

Appendix 6 – Becoming Unwell at Inclusion Learning Centre 

Appendix 7 – Testing for Corona Virus

Appendix 8 – In the event of a confirmed case

Appendix 9 – Asymptomatic Testing 

Appendix 9a – Lateral Flow Device Testing 


April 2021 – Risk Assessment Inclusion College 

Appendix 1 – System of Controls 

Appendix 2 – Self Isolating and Shielding 

Appendix 3 – Face Coverings PPE 

Appendix 4 – Transport 

Appendix 5 – Disposal of Face Coverings and PPE 

Appendix 6 – Becoming Unwell at Inclusion College 

Appendix 7 – Testing for Coronavirus

Appendix 8 – In the event of a confirmed case 

Appendix 9 – Asymptomatic Testing

Appendix 9a – Lateral Flow Testing


Inclusion Hampshire Policies

Inclusion-Hampshire-Child_protection-and-safeguarding- September-2021


Inclusion Hampshire- Allegations made against staff policy 2020




Inclusion Hampshire Conflict of Interest Policy



Inclusion Hampshire Financial Controls Policy 2020

Inclusion Hampshire First Aid Policy Spring 2020

Inclusion-Hampshire-Health and Safety-Policy-2020


Inclusion Hampshire Provider Access Policy 2021



Inclusion Hampshire Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol Policy 2020



Inclusion Hampshire Staff Code of Conduct Policy 2020



Inclusion Hampshire Whistleblowing Policy (Feb 2020)

Equality and Diversity Policies

Inclusion Hampshire Policy and Procedures for Supporting Transgender Young People

Inclusion Hampshire Policy and Procedures or Tackling Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic Bullying

Exam and Assessment Policies

Inclusion Hampshire Access to Fair Assessment Policy

Inclusion Hampshire Assessment and Exams Appeals and Complaints 

Inclusion Hampshire Examination and Invigilation Policy 

Inclusion Hampshire Internal Quality Assurance Policy 

Inclusion Hampshire Reasonable Adjustments Access Arrangements 

Inclusion Hampshire Malpractice and Plagiarism Policy 

Inclusion Hampshire Contingency Planning Policy 


If you have any queries or require further information on our policies then please contact info@inclusionhampshire.org.uk 

All employment and staff policies are available on our staff shared drive for members of the team, or please contact the office with any queries.