Careers curriculum at Inclusion

Careers education and support

At Inclusion Hampshire we understand that everyone has a different starting point and that our learners may need  support in  working out what they want to do in the future and how to get there. We believe that careers education and a specialist curriculum to help prepare our learners for the future and their working lives is essential to improve their outcomes.


Our  Careers Programme Manager is Marie Greenhalgh.  Please contact Marie at or call 01256 760 800 if you have any questions or queries about our careers service at Inclusion College.

What we give our Learners

We support our learners by:

• Developing and nurturing aspirations and expanding horizons for our learners

• Building self-esteem

• Supporting them to identify their own strengths, skills and interests

• Developing the skills, character attributes and values needed for the wider world, such as confidence and resilience.

• Identifying opportunities for progression and career development

• Supporting them to plan and set goals

• Helping our learners to become  employment-confident and employment-ready

How we achieve this

We do this through:

• A dedicated and high quality Work and Employability Skills Curriculum

• Skills and learning are underpinned and supported by embedded and cross curricular education

• Staff trained in Careers Education and Guidance

• Weekly one to one or small groups sessions differentiated to individual need

• Positive mentoring relationships between staff and learners

• Links with career advisors from referring schools and professional bodies and supporting these appointments.

• Regular meetings with learners, parents and referring schools including EHCP and transition meetings



• Supporting work experience opportunities

• Learners are encouraged to access one to one sessions to discuss their individual career pathway.

• Education on the different opportunities available to them

• Links with colleges and supported traineeships, including supporting transitions and visits from college staff

• Personalised, bespoke learner-centred planning for every learner

• Early identification and support for learners at risk of becoming NEET (Young people Not In Education, Employment or Training)

• Consciously working to prevent all forms of stereotyping in the advice and guidance we provide, to ensure that all learners from all backgrounds and diversity groups consider the widest possible range of careers.

Latest Careers Events and Activities

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Careers curriculum overview

Our Work & Employability Skills Curriculum offers 3 levels of qualification:

Inclusion Learning 

NOCN EL 1-3 Award / Certificate / Diploma Using Employability Skills

Inclusion College 

NOCN EL 1-3 Award / Certificate / Diploma Using Employability Skills

NOCN L1 Award / Certificate in Employability

NOCN L2 Award / Certificate in Employability (12368 / 123169)

Click  on the picture to take a look at our careers curriculum overview to see what is involved at each of the different levels.

National Careers Week 2022

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Where does this fit in the curriculum?

Our Work and Employability skills education is supported and underpinned by Life Skills & Wellbeing and Functional Skills Maths & English curriculums.


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