Progress can be achieved in many different areas

Monitoring Progress

At Inclusion Hampshire we recognise – and we want others to recognise – that progress can be achieved in many different areas – not simply in English and Maths.

For many of the young people who attend with us they may not be in the cognitive position to fully participate and engage with learning due to feelings of anxiety, trauma, depression or previous negative experiences with education. There is a wealth of evidence to support that other needs – safety, security, trust – need to be in place for learning to be achieved most effectively.

We ensure we recognise the small steps that each learner takes in our curriculum by identifying, praising, encouraging and sharing these with parents/carers and schools.

For this reason we have developed our own bespoke progress monitoring package that aims to reflect the personal growth and progress undertaken by each young person in a range of areas – including social, emotional and mental health, growth mindset and academically.

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Our Monitoring

All our progress monitoring is measured using attainable progress levels, judged against each learner’s previous achievement or progression through the curriculum, rather than against national standards or peers.

This fairly reflects their individual progress, on their own terms, in their own time. This practice in line with the new Ofsted framework (Ofsted, School inspection update 2019, p5) 

Inclusion Hampshire’s tutors and Senior Management provide positive and constructive feedback on completed learning during the session to further acknowledge success and achievement in the moment, and share this with parents/carers and schools accordingly.

As a team, we share our individual experiences of working with each learner to find what works most effectively for that person so that our team can collectively better meet the needs of the young person. Our shared practice allows us to implement other strategies to enable progress, tailor our support and adjust our interventions accordingly.

Attendance, performance and monitoring is logged in our secure cloud-based suite which allows each school to monitor their learners’ progress live and securely.

Learner Centred Progress

We want to empower our learners to make positive choices, lead their learning and progress and aspire to succeed. Tutors and learners work together to create, develop and adapt a bespoke individual learning plan (ILP), reviewed every term, to guide focus for the coming term’s progress.

We hold learner reviews and informal, ad-hoc meetings with learners at their request and listen to their needs, requests and suggestions. 

Alongside our shared progress monitoring and learner-centred focus we actively encourage parent/carer involvement to develop a holistic and supported package. We hold review meetings, provide reports and are available during school hours to discuss concerns and feedback achievements. Sharing these successes and progress enables Inclusion Hampshire, the school, young person and their family to most effectively design a package that works to meet their needs and enable them to be empowered to achieve.