White Ribbon Day – a student’s view

White Ribbon Day – a student’s view

25/11/2020 //

A blog written by one of our amazing students at Inclusion College following work on White Ribbon Youth Advocate Programme.

At Inclusion College we have been taking part in the Youth Advocate programme for White Ribbon Day.

We have learnt about White Ribbon Day which is a day dedicated to stopping violence against women.  Young boys and men can help other men to help them out and not be violent and get the wrong idea about relationships and how to treat women.

I have found sessions where we have been talking, asking questions and sharing our opinions really helpful. 

I found it really helpful discussing this as I never knew this before. I knew this was one of the problems in the world but I never knew there was a day dedicated to this. I had no idea but I am glad I know now. We talked about issues that men go through and expectations and how that can cloud their judgement. We also talked about unhealthy relationships and toxic masculinity.

We learnt that men are also good at hiding their pain which is true, men are very good  at hiding things, and we talked about men needing to get help with their mental health before they reach crisis point. 

I have spoken in session about a video I saw that explained about how a boy had started watching the wrong videos from a young age. He started to watch how these women were treated violently and roughly and then he got the wrong idea about how to treat people and started behaving like this himself.

It is important that we all talk to each other about the right way to treat women and girls.

This violence needs to stop.

Now I am going to wear my white ribbon to raise awareness of this. If someone asked me what the white ribbon is for I would try my best to explain what the day represents and what the ribbon means.

For the White Ribbon Promise I have promised to:

-Wear a White Ribbon

– Think about what media I watch and engage with

– Talk to my friends about respectful relationships

– Talk about what White Ribbon means to your friends and family


Find out more about White Ribbon and the Youth Advocate Programme at White Ribbon UK

#MakethePledge #NoExcuseForAbuse 

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